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Our Latest Work

We put a premium on quality within each project. Another is perspective, we look to hold a steady aim at the future, but with the reality of fluctuations as inevitable. We do not place our effort and money in risks or fads, but we select our investment with logical, unclouded judgement. As experts continue to approach us we step further into our approach, making wise investment endeavors.


We are active in the cultivation of Renewable Energy sources, including Solar Energy, Wind Power, Hydro Power, Geothermal Energy, Bio Energy and Waste Energy. By harnessing natural sources of energy, we empower nations and transform economies.


The combination of financial strength and honest people makes for lasting partnerships and successful projects. We are active in the construction of new infrastructure and the repair and replacement of aging infrastructure. Projects in which we engage include Water (water and sewage systems, reservoirs and dams), Rapid Transit (railways, subways, light trains, etc.), Ports, Airports, Bridges, Roads and Power Transmission Lines.


The Company has developed a strategic worldwide network of partners in the minerals, oil and gas industries, who provide consulting, testing, assessment, planning, and engineering services, contributing to the professionalism, safety and profitability of projects. Our goal is to extract maximum value from our mining and drilling endeavors…but health, safety and environmental responsibility are critical elements of our success.


Whether building a bridge or programming a national lottery, its safe operation is first determined by those who plan the infrastructure. We invest in new infrastructure, or the enhancement of existing lottery and gaming framework.


Some want to build the tallest building and look down at the world. We prefer to develop properties, communities and facilities…and to always look up. We've identified prospering economies within the emerging markets, where it is possible to generate consistent growth and ensure very high return on investments. Today, in the residential housing niche, the Company focuses on acquisition of properties for long-term rentals and construction projects involving earthquake reinforcement of buildings; particularly with older properties, tenants are vacated temporarily, as the buildings must be demolished and rebuilt, in order to qualify as earthquake-safe.


Public facilities reflect societies´ values: aesthetic architecture, thoughtful planning, secure operations...these endure, while their inhabitants change with time. We engage in the development, engineering and construction of Public Facilities, such as hospitals, prisons, government buildings, ports, airports, senior living facilities, and other installations requiring specialized areas of expertise related to health and welfare, safety and security, energy consumption and environmental considerations. In addition to constructing state-of-the-art facilities, we are able to offer turn-key projects, including all equipment and solutions required for operation of the facility, as well as investment in long-term government-issued concessions.