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About Us

Coinfend is a compilation of uniquely successful and passionate individuals who blend together to create a productive and engaging atmosphere.

This is an environment where precedence is placed on accomplishing tasks, while mirrored with the freedom to actively question or explore connections. We look for individuals who see potential and are intentional when developing their products and processes. Coinfend sought to bridge the gap between retail and institutional clients offering a solution previously only available to Investment banks and high net worth individuals. Coinfend was born providing superior execution, strategic management and unrivalled liquidity.

Expanding the brand and continuing to serve our clients places us in an emerging market, one rife with talented and dedicated individuals who wish to showcase their expertise. We strive to provide strong relationships and a place where excellence, leadership, development, and integrity are the foundation of our clients experience. We see our daily interactions not as transactions but as a constant refresher of our pursuit to provide every client with a guiding hand.


Coinfend is operated by FEND CAPITAL PARTNERS LIMITED.
Company No: 09306237

Nature of business (SIC) 64999 - Financial intermediation and management.

Our business model involves sponsoring and building projects.
We allocate funds across a diverse range of assets as we step further into our approach, generating funds for further management and acquiring financial assets by engaging in financial transactions on the market. Our decision to go public presents everyone the opportunity to partake in a lucrative win-win model.

Registered Office Address

4th Floor 100 Fenchurch Street,
London United Kingdom, EC3M 5JD.

Our Skills

We really like what we do and our work on every project truly reflects that. Coinfend is dedicated to innovation and constant improvement.

Innovative Management
Product Development
Adaptable Structures
Enterprise Mobility

Our Team

The Coinfend team is made up of savvy entrepreneurs and industry experts, bringing years of experience to a young company. Each member of Coinfend is armed with a level of expertise invaluable to the longevity and growth of the firm.

Chief executive officer
• Ms Diane Patula Henry Lepart

Chief executive officer

Chief financial officer
• Ken Gaebler

Chief financial officer

Senior account manager
• Will Kruisbrink

Senior account manager

Account supervisor
• Ellen Hanson

Account supervisor